With a little help from our imagination Paris’ most famous cemetry has the panache of an underground village. As living mortals, we only notice the aboveground references.

Père Lachaise is the story of the last domicile of many, many French and foreign legends. You don’t have to search endlessly for the graves of Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Fréderique Chopin, Marcel Proust or Molière. We do this for you and with you. Moreover we are standing still at the monument for the fallen Communards, one the bloodiest weeks in Paris’ history. A tour that will make you silently. 


Included in this itinerary:

  • A walk along world’s most famous cemetry
  • An anthology of the French cultural history
  • Last departure at 15h30


Tasty brasseries and timeless shopping windows. Finesse and nice shades. St. Germain’s wealth, including a bit of grace, goes from generation to generation. St. Germain lies cosy on the left bank near the Seine. There you find silent, romantic squares. They are hardly to be traced on the Parisian map but so much more in your own imagination. Use your heart as a compass. St. Germain is tender for a dreamer. And what about the smells, the smells of St. Germain! The different aromas are like a stream of sensations. Are you joining us in this lovely journey?


Included in this itinerary:

  • You walk through the small streets of St. Germain, the real Paris.
  • You visit the oldest church of Paris; at a secret, very strange place you see the first medieval Paris wall.
  • You pass the hotel where Oscar Wilde has lived, and through the cosy Course de Commerce including the oldest restaurant of Paris.



What have the jews, LGBTQ’s, the old French kings and the hipsters in common? Le Marais. They all once lived in this dynamic, divers neighbourhood. Once the kings dominated this area. After they left to the Louvre, the verdict for Le Marais was improverishment. Till deep in the 20th century Le Marais was nothing more than a bunch of hovels. A prey for the bulldozers. But the times were changing. Le Marais is now booming! If you want to experience the extreme contrasts of Paris in one neighbourhood then there’s only one adress.


Included in this itinerary:

  • You pass with your guide the best pita and falafel bars in the jewish neighbourhood. 
  • You experience during this itinerary the royal and calm side of Le Marais.
  • You discover that Le Marais is fully alive and the place to be for who feels like a hipster.


Shopping windows without price tag because that would be so ordinary. Dazzling Christmas lights in the superlative. Hotelrooms for 45.000 euro per night. You find it all here. A place to dream of. In this tour we walked along the most flashy part of Paris which is so nice because it stays a fairytale for most of us. Experience the charmes of La Fayette, de classical beauty of Opéra Garnier, and the excessive Place Vendôme. Afterwards Place de la Concorde offers you all possible directions to continue the excitements of Paris. Because in Paris… dreaming is for free.


Included in this itinerary:

  • La Fayette and Opéra Garnier
  • Place Vendôme including the Ritz Hotel
  • Jardin Tuilerie and Place de la Concorde


So many painters have lived here, from all over the world. The impressionists (Utrillo, Suzanne Valdon, Van Gogh, Renoir...) found their home here, but also Picasso was hanging around. No surprises when you see the village. An atmospheric village of green and pink including some of the most beautiful images of the city Paris.

There’s a wineyard, two left-over windmills and a legend about a martyre (martre) with his head in his hand. 


Included in this itinerary:

  • Your guide brings you to places which most tourists even don’t know.
  • Attention for the old (impressionist) masters but also modern street art at every corner of the street.
  • Your itinerary ends at Sacre Coeur and Place de Tertre.


Before Paris became Paris, Quartier Latin was already the center of the city. The Romans were here and called their fortress Lutèce. In the Middle Ages Quartier Latin became the intellectual center with the Sorbonne university as its beaten heart. And still you find the students around Rue Mouffetard with here and there a tourist. Because for foreigners Quartier Latin is like an oyster. Would you like to be one of the few who knows where to enter this unique piece of Paris? We are pleased to show you the way.


Included in this itinerary:

  • We walk through the Sorbonne university of then and now.
  • You see the Panthéon: the church that never became a church, and another highlight from outside and inside: église Saint-Etienne-du-Mont.
  • You discover during this itinerary old remains of the Romans, but also the place where author Ernest Hemingway used to be so happy.


Reflecting on Paris you see the grand boulevards and the typical Parisian apartment buildings. In particular we are familiar with the Paris of the 19th century. But also the ‘disappeared’ part of Paris secretely still exists. And we know where. To find those hidden treasures you have to make an effort. But you can also follow us. We bring you to the island in the Seine: Île de la Cité with the Notre Dame, Saint Chapelle and the last remained streets which lead us to the dark Middle Ages. This discovery tour takes you to the period when everything was still going to happen for this unlimited city…


Included in this itinerary: 

  • You pass a bunch of landmarks which were already there at the same place 800 years ago: Notre Dame, Saint-Chapelle and Conciergerie.
  • Your guide shows you the medieval remains in Quartier Latin and le Marais.
  • We will bring you up to date about the Notre Dame after the dramatic fire of the 15th of April 2019.